November 16, 2019

Chairman of National Committee for Steel Industry Eng. Rayed Al Ajaji signed an MoU with Secretary General & Executive Head of Indian Steel Association Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee to facilitate interaction for the purpose of fostering and advancing mutual understanding to enable sustainable growth of the steel industry in both countries and in the global steel market.

The Saudi Arabian counter parties who attended this meeting:
Mr. Rayan Al-Raddadi, director of strategic partnerships and business development at Saudi Center for International Strategic Partnerships.

Mr. Matar Al-Harthi, the vice president of minerals and metal clusters at the Ministry of Industry & Mineral Resources

Dr. Khaled Al-Hajeri, senior manager, home of innovation, local content & business development unit of SABIC.

Mr. Sanjay Roychoudhury, general manager (technical operations) at Universal Metal Coating Company – UNICOIL.

And from the Indian Iron & Steel Union: Mr. Arnab Kumar Hazra, Assistant Secretary General from Indian Steel Association.

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