The Library contains many vital topics related to the steel industry, such as technical information, raw materials and finished products, statistical data on the production capacities of local and regional producers. It also contains a collection of videos, clips and interactive information that provides technical, educational and awareness topics related to the steel industry and its products.

  1. Steel History

    History of Iron and Steel

    The Steel Story (Animated timeline)
  2. Importance of Steel in Our Lives:

    Steel in Our Life

    Steel: Backbone of the Universe – AIST

    Steel Unveiled – AIST

    Steel is Green-AIST
  3. Steel Raw Materials

    Steel and Raw Materials
  4. Steel Making

    The Steelmaking Process

    Steel from Start to Finish

    Overview of Steel Making Process

    How Steel is Made

    Art of Steel Making – AIST

    Steel Making
  5. Continuous Casting – Rolling

    Continuous Casting

    Hot Rolling

    Metalwork | Modern Technology of Steel Rolling Mill – Technology Solutions

    Cold Rolling

    Fabrication (Galvanizing and Color Coating)

    Forming Technology

    Surface Treatment (Coatings)

    Tube Making

    Steel Shaping of World – AIST
  6. Energy Use in the Steel Industry

    Energy Use in the Steel Industry

    Steel Energy Use
  7. Steel Industry by Products

    Steel in the 21st Century

    Advanced Steel Applications

    White Book of Steel