Within less than three months into its current session, the National Committee for Steel Industry (NCSI) of the Council of Saudi Chambers launched its new website aimed at serving the steel industry in the Kingdom and providing up-to-date information of interest in the technical, commercial and advisory domains, including a detailed up-to-date regional steel map showing all steel factories in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and their production capacities.

The website describes NCSI’s objectives, vision, mission and voluntary work in the service of the Saudi national steel industry. The website collects local and international news related to this vital strategic industry from reliable sources, and makes them available to site users seamlessly. NCSI is the official representative of the steel industry in dealing with government and media entities in the Kingdom, within the context of full coordination with the Council of Saudi Chambers and its national committees.

The website also depicts NCSI’s organization chart, showing its members who represent various national steel factories. An application form is also provided for national steel factories who wish to join NCSI, subject to specific conditions and requirements.

NCSI’s website is an essential phase in implementing the promising action plan it had announced to consolidate the foundations of transparent institutional activities, provide support to the Saudi steel industry, overcome challenges which impede growth and development, and take on a critical role in enabling the realization of the Saudi leadership’s Vision 2030 aimed at diversifying non-oil revenues by promoting industrial development and creating an attractive environment for domestic and foreign investments.

NCSI is one of the main national industry committees of the Council of Saudi Chambers, representing one of the major strategic industries in the Kingdom. It is noted that the global steel industry is currently a key item on the G20 agenda, given its strategic importance for the national industries of the member states. Thus fostering the Saudi steel industry and removing impediments to its growth and development is a critically essential step towards consolidating the status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the only Arab and regional member of the G20.

As part of its ambitious action plan, NCSI endeavors to promote a culture of professional integrity, corporate social responsibility and quality standards in support of the Saudi national steel industry, and achieving the highest standards of environment and public health. NCSI also endeavors to close the gap between the industry and the end user through transparent disclosures of product specifications and transparent media releases based on credible statistics and scientific references, with due respect to the consumer, whether an individual or a company, guaranteeing the consumer’s right to know and make decisions using comprehensive information based on mutual respect and reliability.

Visiting NCSI’s website is applicable at www.ncsi.org.sa

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