Gulf Ferro Alloys Company (SABAYEK)

Company Profile

Gulf Ferro Alloys Company (“Sabayek”) is a Limited Liability Company operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jubail). The Company was incorporated in December 1992 under the Saudi Companies Law as a Saudi Joint Venture Company, production commenced in 1997 in the industrial city of Jubail.

Sabayek produces Ferro Alloys that are considered essential additives in the steel making industry. Sabayek has a maximum capacity of 140,000 metric ton with the ability to cover the GCC needs in Ferro Alloys.

The key features of SABAYEK’s operations are its flexibility to meet specific requirements of the market. This is because the plant’s four 27 MVA submerged arc furnaces are interchangeable. Each of the furnaces can be changed to produce a different ferroalloy according to the needs of the market. SABAYEK’s plant and equipment are state-of-the-art and the products are manufactured to the quality of international standards.

• The only Ferroalloy producer in the GCC region, Currently ranked 15th worldwide in production of Silico Manganese
• High quality products catered for steel producers.
• A capacity that can serve the GCC region’s demand for Ferroalloys.
• State of the art machinery, equipment and factory design designed and built by a tier-A manufacturers.


National Committee of Steel Industry


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Silico Manganese

(HS: 72023000)

Ferro Manganese

(HS: 72021100)

SiMn / FeMn Slag (by product)

(HS: 26201900)

Fumes (by product)

(HS: 28112200)

Quality Mark

  • ISO 9001:2008