Who we are

Steel is the driving force behind the advancement of the economic development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Without steel there would be no oil industry, no water in our homes, no lights in our streets, no cars to drive, no cities to live in. Steel lies at heart of progress, from medical instruments to solar power, from high-tech forging to our transportation network. It is the platform of our future.

To oversee the activities and direction of this strategically important sector, the Council of Saudi Chambers has created a not-for-profit National Steel Committee, with an executive formed from the leaders of the industry, and a mandate to:

  • Meet the challenges of the development and growth of our nation.
  • Create an attractive environment for investment and employment.
  • Engage with industry members to address their challenges, champion their development.
  • Develop a culture of industrial and communal responsibility.
  • Exceed the sectors commitment towards the realization of Saudi “Vision 2030”.

Manufacturing is a Quality …. Declaration is a Responsibility

Steel Re-Bar

Re-Bar in Coils
Steel Re-Bar in Coils

Pipes and Tubes
Steel Pipes and Tubes

Steel Sections

Hot Rolled Coils
Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Steel Billets
Steel Billets

Cold Rolled Coils
Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Galvanized Coils
Galvanized Steel Coils

Pre-Painted Coils
Pre-Painted Steel Coils

Steel Scrap
Steel Scrap

Direct Reduction Iron (DRI)
Direct Reduction Iron (DRI)